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제목 : Rick Lundh 의 Spirit 3 / 릭 룬의 영혼
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Rick Lundh 의 Spirit 3 / 릭 룬의 영혼 

Do you feel the Forest 


Flowering Meadows

Fog in the Forest 

Cherry Blossoms 

Passing Over

The Dahlia

Post Bloom

The Road Thru Paradise 

Hills of lupine and balsom root.

Forests in Spring!

Flora Forest

The Ponderosa Pine Love affair

Cool Stream

Curves and Shadows

From the Roof 

Spring Silhouettes

Palouse Layers

Spring in the Gorge 

Cliffs of the Columbia

Intimate Forest

Mount Rainier 

 White birch

Refreshing Ramona

Angel Creek

Avalanche Lillies

On a Whisp

Under Cover

Isle of Bloom

Alpine Avalanche Lillies


Rainforest Intimate

Where we used to meet...

Road to Nowhere

Patterns in Daisy

Prickly Blossom 2 

Rainbow Cliffs 

Ponderosa Forest

Still Water

Aqua Flow 

Color in the Hills

Falls Redo

Palouse Country

Under the Canopy

Rainbow for Floyd

Silver Falls State Park 

Bee Blur

Drops on Pink


      Biography:Rick Lundh Rick Lundh(Henrik Anker Biergorde Lundh III)는 미국 Portland 오리건에서 태어났습니다. 나는 사진 애호가 가족에서 성장하였고 나는 부친과 형제의 말에 귀를 기울인 것이 사진술의 모든 다른 양상을 대화한 것을 기억하였습니다. 이것은 내가 나의 인생에 약간 뒷부분에까지 깨닫는 것으로 성장할 씨가 심어졌던 곳입니다. Rick Lundh (Henrik Anker Biergorde Lundh III) was born in Portland Oregon. I grew up in a family of photography enthusiasts and remember listening to my dad and brother discuss all different aspects of photography. This is where the seed was planted which would grow into something I wouldn't realize until a little later in my life. 내가 12 살때에 첫 번째 프로 수준의 카메라와 렌즈를샀다 나는 내가 고등학교를 통하여많은 클래스와 내고향에 대한 사진이 실린 많은 간행물들을 발행하였다. 대학에 있는 동안에 나는니콘을 손에 가지고 마음에 드는 풍경 사진을 개발하기 위해 시작했는데, 남쪽 오리건에서 북쪽 Umpqua River의 언덕들과 강들을 탐험하며 경치 사진의 미각을 개발하기 시작하였다, I bought my first professional level camera and a few lenses when I was 12 years old and I was hooked. I grew my knowledge of photography by absorbing as many classes and publications as I could up through high school. While in college, I began to develop a taste for landscape photography, that fed the North Umpquaand could often be found exploring the hills and tributaries Ladies in lavender(Joshua Bell)

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